Another batch of photos…

Here’s some miscellaneous photos I’ve taken recently.


I think I mentioned that we installed a wind generator recently. It’s called a WindBugger. Here’s Nick attaching the WindBugger to its pole.


Here’s me diving for a backing plate for that Nick dropped in the water. The water’s pretty nasty here, but I’ve grown used to it after dropping a few things overboard myself.


Witness the historic raising of the WindBugger. One of those great moments that will stand the test of time, I’m sure.


Nick makes some final adjustments to the WindBugger. Note that he is basically standing on Rich’s hands. Rich is pretty tough. He used to be a fireman. I know some firemen. They’re tough.


This is the street that [entry 102]Mario and Marsha[/entry] live on in Delray Beach. Reminds me of Edward Scissorhands.


I made a nummy dinner recently of grilled chicken and braised carrots. I got the braised carrots recipe out of the Joy of Cooking. It really is a joy. At least it is when you don’t fuck it up.


Here’s me modeling my new too-small vest. (It was Val’s, she was gonna get rid of it.) Click the picture to see a couple more shots.

Sexy, eh?


We’ve got so much stuff stored on the boat that we had to hang a hammock in the vee berth where I sleep to accomodate more stores. Now I feel like a real sailor, I know what it’s like to sleep with the cabbages.