Get the people to party!

So we had a pretty rockin party on Friday night. Here’s the pics. Click the ones with the blue borders to see more.

Alison, Marshall, and Me.

Megan’s Beer Gut.

[anim beerportraitshorizontal-0.jpg, 25, 1000]
Some plastic cup beer portraits. Click it.

[anim kyletutu-0.jpg, 4, 800]
Kyle showing off his party tutu. Click it.

[anim allintheframe-0.jpg, 3, 800]
We all got in the frame! It was awesome. Click it.

[anim feet-0.jpg, 3, 800]
Feet portraits. Click it.

[anim beerportraitsvertical-0.jpg, 7, 1000]
More beer portraits. Click it.

B Face.

B and Lauren.

Lauren and Jerome.

Karol’s Aniellas: Rachel, Alison, and Dominika. Badass. (Pardon my Polish.)

Lauren and Jerome, again. They were both drunker than each other at this point, I think.

[anim 99bottles-0.jpg, 2, 800]
When everyone left I noticed that they all seemed to have left their beer bottles behind. Click it.

[anim diner-0.jpg, 5, 1000]
Then we went to the diner. Matt and Liz each ordered a hand sandwich. Lauren picked her nose. I fell asleep on Kyle’s shoulder. And then Lauren and Liz threw up. Click it.