Tour: Milwaukee and Stevens Point

So I’m on [link /tour]tour[/link] with [link]Stephanie Rearick[/link] and [link]MiLkBabY[/link].

We kicked off the tour at Linneman’s in Milwaukee on Thursday night. Jim Linneman recently renovated the place, and the sound system is awesome. Unfortunately we didn’t get much of a crowd, despite getting pretty good preshow press. I hung out with Lisa at the bar and talked to this woman who used to date a Fabio look-a-like. But he was too dumb, so she advised him to pursue a career in the military. Now she handles fish at an upscale grocery story.

I also met these two guys who came by to post flyers for their show. They heard a few songs during soundcheck and decided to hang out and catch my set, which was nice. They’re in a band called Telectro. [link]Check it out[/link].

Last night we played in Stevens Point at the Mission. We drove up early and did a little thing on 90.5fm with DJ Jeff, talking up the tour and the [link]Uvulittle[/link] label. Then I played a couple songs on the air, which is always fun.

Jordan and Silas at the Mission Coffeehouse are doing awesome things. I really love that place. Also on the bill was Shara Worden from a band called [link]Awry[/link]. She lives in Brooklyn, in Park Slope, and I really liked her stuff, so I’m gonna see about playing some shows with her out eastish.

After I played I hung out with some of the local kids, Vlad the Russian and Kellen and Britney and Dominique. We played Gin Rummy and shot the shit. Goin on tour is a good way to break yourself of the fear of talking to strangers. If you have that problem. Which I do. Did!