Me on iTunes

(Apologies if you’re on my music mailing list and you already read this…)

I finally made it! This is it! The BIG TIME! My name in lights! Next stop,

Oh wait, I’m already in New York City.

Well anyway, you can now get your grubby mitts on my first album on the
iTunes Music Store. So if you’ve got iTunes installed, grab your grubby
mouse and [link]click here[/link].

If you don’t have iTunes installed, go get it, here:

In other news, work on my next album is progressing very nicely. My sister
Lauren came up from Florida for a week to record with me, and my friend
Rose Polenzani from Boston came down for a couple days as well. Together
they wrote some amazing harmonies for one of the songs. Lauren and I also
wrote a song together, and Rose played Rhodes on a couple of songs as
well. My friends Josh and Chris laid down some guitar and bass tracks, and
my friends Peter and Paul will be coming up from Alabama for a week later
this month to keep the record rolling. My roommate Kyle (of Rainer Maria)
is gonna help mix and I’m hoping he’ll do some tracking as well. I hope to
have the whole thing done by the end of September and in stores by
Christmas! So stay tuned…

And tell your friends to [link]buy my record[/link]!