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An Inconvenient Truth


Website promoting Al Gore's new book, An Inconvenient Truth, from Rodale Publishing. The book is a companion to Al Gore's film of the same name.

Kids with Cameras


Kids with Cameras empowers children growing up in difficult circumstances and allows them to appreciate the beauty and dignity of their own expression. Born Into Brothels is a documentary film that tells the story of Zana Briski and her experiences teaching photography to the children of prostitutes in the red light district in Calcutta. The film recently won an Academy Award for best documentary feature and is now showing nationwide. This site was designed by my friends at Zago.

Hillary Rush


Website for a Los Angeles boutique.

Mel Kadel


Portfolio site for a Los Angeles-based artist.

Subject-appropriate artist's sketchbook motif. Smart caching scheme preloads images just before they're needed to provide a more immediate user experience. Dynamically creates shadows behind images. Makes extensive use of artist's handwriting for navigation, image captions, and image numbering. Image numbers make use of 3 unique sets of images so numbers like 11 and 22 look truly handwritten.

Zago Design


Promotional site for a New York design firm

R. Jerome Ferraro


Portfolio site for a NYC-based photographer
This website was awarded top honors in:

Fringe Salon


Brochure site for a hair salon in Manhattan's Lower East Side.

Combines salon information and portfolio viewer into one simple interface.

Danielle St. Laurent


Portfolio site for a NYC-based photographer


I specialize in front-end design and development for web projects ranging from individual efforts to large-scale team deployments. I have extensive experience designing and developing sites entirely on my own, but I'm also quite comfortable working with teams of designers, information architects, and programmers.

design experience

My original field of study is Graphic Communication, and building on that I have developed an intuitive, user-oriented design sense. I have a knack for design that is appropriate to the needs and goals of the site, without pretension and without getting in the way. "Let the damn thing speak for itself."

technology expertise

If it relates to front-end web development, I already know it or I can figure it out in short order. Specific technologies I deal with regularly: html, xhtml, xml, javascript, dhtml, css, php, perl, etc.

application and platform experience

I'm well-versed in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, ImageReady, and InDesign. I am also a former beta tester for Illustrator and Photoshop.

My preferred development platform is Mac OS X, although of course I do extensive testing of my development on multiple Windows platforms and on multiple browsers. I'm also very accustomed to working on teams with hybrid development environments.

My preferred deployment platform is Apache on Linux or BSD, although I can work with your existing deployment platform as required.


I've taken a full-time job with about.me, so I'm not currently avaiable for other projects.

web design and development