We went for a long walk and I took pictures of signs along the way

Tuesday, December 18, 2001 · 1:12pm


Today we took a walk through St. Augustine to Florida Route 1.

We walked about a mile and a half to get to West Marine and buy some boat stuff. Here’s some of the signs we saw along the way.

You would think this place would have real good food and be real popular with the locals, but it was completely empty. i guess maybe Fran and Tam were at home, cooking.

Ooh, sparkly. i’m a sucker for signs with those shimmery mirror things. One thing though, if you do the math, it’s been 69 years. I guess they blew their ad budget on all them sparklies and can’t afford to swap the 8 for a 9.

This sign says poh-poh. I like saying poh-poh.

Mmm, suh-weeet peaches. Funny thing, though. There wasn’t a fruit stand anywhere near this sign. I think maybe it was just promoting the general idea of sweet peaches, watermelon, and canteloupe.

This sign is not very friendly.

I wonder what happens if the red light goes on and nobody calls?

This sign wasn’t pointing at a yard sale. It was kind of pointing at the water. I wonder if it was a trick to try and get little old ladies who like yard sales to fall in.

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