The last day of the year and I’ve got the sniffles

Monday, December 31, 2001 · 4:24pm


“Everything in its right place.”

So it’s New Year’s Eve here in Vero Beach, and I’ve got a bad case of the sniffles. Here’s some more pictures.

Most mornings here are incredibly calm and the water becomes a huge looking glass. Wait, mirror. The water becomes a huge mirror.

Here Nick is doing some final touch-up on the base of the aft hatch which we just rebedded.

Valerie is sanding the coaming which she and Nick built earlier this year in preparation for another coat of epoxy primer.

Nick is adding some more threads to a 5-inch bolt with his spiffy new tap and die set.

Here’s the newly-threaded bolt compared with the original. Man, check out them new threads!

So, like I said, I’m a little ill. Nick and Valerie went over to Mandalay for a little New Year’s Eve party. I wanted to go but I’m sick so I guess it’s best that I don’t. Hopefully they will save me a piece of pie.

Happy New Year!

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