We’re finally getting out of Fort Lauderdale!

Tuesday, March 5, 2002


After almost 2 months here in Fort Lauderdale, we’re finally leaving!

First we’re heading down to Miami, where we’ll probably hole up in No Name Harbor and wait for a good weather window to cross the Gulf Stream. Weather’s not looking so great for the next week or so, but who cares if we have to wait another week? At least we’ll be out of this steenking boat yard! (To all the nice folks at Summerfield: we love it here. Really, we do.)

Since our internet access is going to be sporadic from here on out, I’ve changed the format of my diary a little. The new format (you’re looking at it) will be mostly text-only, just to keep you up to date on where I am and where we’re heading. Whenever possible, I’ll try to add some pictures as well just to keep it interesting.

Stay tuned!

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