Lolligaggin about in South Beach, Miami..

Sunday, March 17, 2002 · 4:24am


Well, we’ve been anchored here in Miami for about a week now. Not much has happened, really. Just been hanging out, reading books, swimming around the boat, showering on deck, going to movies, eating out, and eating in.

Here’s some random photos from the past few days.

Here’s Nick, Val, and Willow, as we head to shore for one of our daily outings.

I was told there were a lot of classic cars and palm trees in South Beach. These were the only ones I could find.

I walked all the way to the beach just to take a picture of my feet. And it cost me 7 bucks to lie on this cot.

Bettcher Ass.

I spent a half-hour taking pictures of these skater kids and somehow this was the best shot I came away with. Pathetic, huh? Well, I guess it’s not that bad.

Every once in a while we get buzzed by this guy who flies around in this single-seater pontoon plane. I call him the Buzzard.

I walked by this same sign a few days after taking this picture. Sure enough, someone had removed it.

It’s a bit hot here, so I gave myself another haircut, this time on the aft deck, tossing the clippings into the bay. Some guy came over and touched my lip as this picture was being taken.

I been working on a couple new songs here on the boat. Here’s one called Satellite which I just started writing tonight.

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