Some photos taken since my return to Alabama

Thursday, May 9, 2002 · 11:29am


At long last, here’s some of the photos I’ve taken since departing Willow.

Here’s my family, Erin, Ryan, Me, Lauren, and me dear mammy, as well as Erin’s dog Charlie and Mom’s dog Prancer.

Erin and Charlie. Charlie is a girl. So is Erin.

Lauren and Prancer. Prancer is a boy. So is Lauren. No wait, she’s a girl.

Me and Charlie and Prancer and Peedee. Peedee is my brother’s dog. Peedee is a girl.

Me and Peedee went out on the town, but she didn’t last long. A few drinks and she passed out in my sweatshirt.

The following weekend I went to New Orleans with my nutty brother Ryan…

…and his nutty girlfriend Sarah…

We roamed around during the French Quarter Festival and listened to some awesome music. This is Doreen’s Jazz Band on Jackson Square…

…and this is the Kitchen Syncopators on one of the side streets in the quarter.

Have a listen:

Do What Ory Say by Doreen’s Jazz Band
Johnson City by The Kitchen Syncopators

Later that night we hit the town and knocked a few back.

My brother was kind enough to buy me a drink, but he was also mean enough to stick it in this girl’s pants.

The rest of my trip to New Orleans is a bit of a blur and for some reason there aren’t any pictures.

About a week later I went to Birmingham to visit some friends for a while. I saw this woman whose pet dog was so big that it had a pet dog of its own.

I went to a friend’s blacksmith shop and played catch with my friend Peter.

Then I tried on some of the gear lying around.

Bad fuckin ass.

A few days later we went to this creepy abandoned nursing home that my friends discovered. This is a closet full of old wheelchairs.

This is the first wheelchair ever built, I think.

There was an old reel-to-reel player with handwritten instructions.

This is Peter and his girlfriend Mary standing next to an Ultravan that’s parked in their neighborhood. Later I met the guy who owns it, I guess there were only like 450 ever made and only 50 currently running. He and his wife traveled the states for 3 years in this one.

Here’s my friend Paul working on one of many video projects. He’s an iMovie maestro.

Later me and Paul and his boyfriend Paul went out for Indian food. Mmm nummy.

This is Paul playing with his cat Monk. Sometimes they play rough.

Then we made some scary faces. Click the picture to see more scaries. Note I gave myself another dang haircut.

Finally, Lauren and I went to Birmingham to see Rufus Wainwright in concert. He was awesome.

After the show, we waited by the bus like good little groupies and Rufus signed my sister’s chest.

Aight, that’s all for now. Here, listen to some Rufus.

Grey Gardens by Rufus Wainwright
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