Recent travels..

Wednesday, July 24, 2002 · 7:17am


So I was finally getting settled here in Birmingham. But then my brother fell into some hard times down in the Virgin Islands so I flew down there to be with him. A few days later my mom and her boyfriend Emery came down as well, and we managed to have a good time despite the trouble my brother was going through. He and I played a couple shows at a bar on St. John and we swam and snorkeled and sailed and played volleyball and laughed a lot. I took lots of pictures with my new camera, and even some underwater pictures and movies using the underwater housing I got for it. So I’ll post some of those eventually.

My brother is home in Mobile now, visiting with family and taking it easy. He’ll probably be heading back to the Virgin Islands some time later this year.

From the Virgin Islands I flew to New York to visit my friends Jerome and Emily (Wester). Sarah on St. John invited me to go scuba diving and told me I would regret it if I didn’t postpone my flight. But I’m something of a stickler for plans and I went anyway, and of course there was some regret. But I had a good time in New York overall. I’ll post some pictures from there as well at some point.

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