And then I went to Tuscaloosa

Wednesday, July 24, 2002 · 7:59am


After I got back from New York, I drove to Tuscaloosa to visit my old friend Emily Lundin and her mom Anne. Here’s some pics I took while I was there.

Seems like mostly we went thrift store shopping. Here’s Emily in her new hot pink leather jacket.

Me trying on a striped shirt and a goofy face.

Here’s Anne and her ‘friend’ hmm-hmm John. He just retired after working 30 years at Wisconsin Public Radio. He sure does have a radio voice. He drove all the way down from Wisconsin to see Anne. Isn’t that sweet?

Emily told me to take a picture of her butt in these pants she was trying on. I obliged and then Anne stepped into the frame. Perfect!

Emily trying on a cool but kinda useless raincoat. She decided not to get it.

On Saturday night Emily and I went out on the town to cruise to Tuscaloosa bar scene. Here’s some of the bars we found.

We spent most of our time in one bar, being very elitist and coming up with all kinds of suppositions about the lives of all the normal people around us. It was fun.

Here’s us looking pretty normal…

…and not so normal. I think Emily won this one.

The next morning we went out for a nummy breakfast at the Waysider Inn, a Tuscaloosa tradition.

Then we had to drive Emily to the train station, and it rained on the way. Cookie contemplates the rain.

Here’s Emily and her special brother. And Cookie.

Emily and Cookie share a special moment together.

Then Emily got on the train and Cookie waved goodbye.

The End.

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