Get the people to party!

Saturday, March 13, 2004 · 10:04am


So we had a pretty rockin party on Friday night. Here’s the pics. Click the ones with the blue borders to see more.

Alison, Marshall, and Me.

Megan’s Beer Gut.

Some plastic cup beer portraits. Click it.

Kyle showing off his party tutu. Click it.

We all got in the frame! It was awesome. Click it.

Feet portraits. Click it.

More beer portraits. Click it.

B Face.

B and Lauren.

Lauren and Jerome.

Karol’s Aniellas: Rachel, Alison, and Dominika. Badass. (Pardon my Polish.)

Lauren and Jerome, again. They were both drunker than each other at this point, I think.

When everyone left I noticed that they all seemed to have left their beer bottles behind. Click it.

Then we went to the diner. Matt and Liz each ordered a hand sandwich. Lauren picked her nose. I fell asleep on Kyle’s shoulder. And then Lauren and Liz threw up. Click it.
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