Snap Crackly Pop

Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Well I still haven’t been able to run. Tomorrow I’m leaving for tour for 3 weeks and I’m gonna try to maintain my running schedule even though we’ll be driving all over the midwest and northeast. I just hope my leg starts to feel better soon. I ran to catch a train today and paid for it dearly in leg smarts.

I did go to the chiropractor today, cuz they do xrays on site. I asked him to xray my leg, even though it’s not really his field of expertise. Dr. Frank was glad to oblige. He felt up my leg and helped me locate the source of the pain, right below my knee and ranging down to the middle of my shin. Then he gave me an awesome chiropractic massage and a spinal adjustment, which was awesome. I been having a persistent pain in my left hip and that feels a lot better since the adjustment.

He called me this evening after my xrays came out and he said the bones in my shin and in my knee looked fine and healthy, no hairline fractures or anything like that. So basically my problem is with the connective tissues around and between my tibia and fibia. He said to ice my shins down after each run, and that he would try some ultrasound on it when I get back from tour. I’m excited about that. I’ve always wanted to know if my shin was a boy or a girl.

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