Tour: Madison

Sunday, April 4, 2004


Last night we played in Madison, at Uvulittle Home Base, also known as Mother Fool’s. The show was great, except me and Darren got out of time with the loopy loops on Mud cuz they weren’t loud enough, so that song kinda fell apart. Better luck next time. Meh.

I had a great day in Madison though. I went to Vientiane with Wendy and Todd on Friday, and Wendy and Jim yesterday. Just can’t get enough of that shit. Before lunch yesterday me and Wendy went to the super cheap and awesome Bethesda Thrift Store where I found several fabulous items for an average price of two dollars and forty-six cents.

We also walked along the shore of Lake Mendota, and the wind was chopping up the water like crazy. We walked out on the jetty and watched the windsurfers mainlining adrenaline. No, actually they were just windsurfing.

Lots of old friends came to the show, Paolo and Jim and Wendy and Rheem and Todd and Jonny. My friend Miah was at home watching a tape of me playing in his basement from back in 1996, and his roommate came home and asked who that was on the TV. Miah told and his roommate said oh that guy is playing at Mother Fool’s tonight. So Miah ran over but I was already done playing. Anyway we got to hang out and catch up, and after loading out he came with us to the Weary Traveler and we had a late dinner together.

My friend Jonny from Aquadora told me about this dance party that was happening over on East Johnson, so after bar time I headed over there. The Rainer Maria was playing in Milwaukee last night, and Kyle called and told me they were driving to Madison after the show, so he met me at the party as well. We danced to some semi-thumping music coming from a TV and shared some tour stories. Then all of sudden it was four in the morning, so I said goodbye to Kyle and Jonny and hopped back on my borrowed bike and rode back to Jon and Stephanie’s and crashed.

While I was sleeping, a piano fell through the ceiling and landed not-so-squarely on top of me. Fortunately, the legs of the piano didn’t collapse entirely, so the bulk of the piano was suspended above me. As I reached around to try and pull myself out from under it, my fingers struck a near-perfect E minor sixth. The tonal vibrations coming from the body of the piano ran the length of mine and I started crying involuntarily, uncontrollably.

Today is bright and sunny and beautiful, and just a little cold. In a bit we’re driving to Chicago (Evanston, actually) where hopefully I’ll get to hang out with Laura again.

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