Tour: DeKalb

Tuesday, April 6, 2004 · 5:28pm


Well we played at the House in DeKalb last night. The House is a really nice coffee shop with a nice stage and a great sound system, and they serve lots of good food and beer and wine to boot. The space is kind of divided, with a front room filled with tables and chairs and couches, and a performance space taking up the back of the room, and a curtain running between the two. The front was filled with local kids, supping and sipping and studying, so I was looking forward to playing for them. Unfortunately none of them seemed to want to cross the threshold of the curtain and come hang out and watch us play. I played my lil heart out, hoping to convince some of them that it was worth their time and maybe their money. I even played a Neutral Milk Hotel cover, something I promised I would never do, just to convince them I was down. But anyway it was a good set, and hopefully they enjoyed listening to it while they were studying. Although I couldn’t tell cuz of the dang curtain.

Then Stephanie played, and then MiLkBabY. Since the room was mostly empty, I danced around to Stephanie’s and MiLkBabY’s music, and reminded myself that the oil crash is coming and none of this will matter in ten to twenty years. So overall it was a good time.

After MiLkBabY played we packed up really fast to get back to Chicago. Before we left I took a piss on the sidewalk. Just to say I was there.

Today I’m going running for the first time in a couple weeks. Then we’re gonna drive to West Lafayette, Indiana to hang out with my old friend Hilary Nelson and his wife Ann and their wee bebe.

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