Tour: Easton, MD

Saturday, April 10, 2004 · 3:03pm


Last night we played at the Rabbit Hill Music Company in a cozy little town called Easton, in Maryland, on the eastern side of the Chesapeake. Rabbit Hill is a music shop by day, selling CDs and records and some musical instruments as well. They have a stage and sound system set up in the back half of the store, and they’re trying to build a reputation as an all-ages venue. A nice fellow by the name of Glen opened up for us, and while he was playing Stephanie and Darren roamed around with flyers, trying to draw people to the show. Apparently someone set off a stink bomb at a nearby coffeehouse, and the owner kicked out all the young kids who were hanging out there, so they came over to Rabbit Hill right as I started to play. They hung out for a few songs, but after a while the more restless among them started to trickle away. But the ones that stayed seemed pretty into it, and more folks came in during Stephanie’s set. After Milkbaby played me and Stephanie and Glen joined them on stage and we all rocked out for a while, and the few folks still hanging out got up on the risers and danced. We had a pretty good time.

After we tore everything down, we went over to Cafe Lafitte for a late snack and some beers. They had a piano so we all took turns playing a few bars for each other. After that we went back to Rabbit Hill and played guitars for a while with Glen and Taylor, and then I fell asleep in my jeans.

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