Tour: Pittsburgh

Friday, April 16, 2004 · 3:01pm


Well we drove all night and we drove all day and we finally ended up in Pittsburgh. The drive was kind of harrowing at first, all rainy and dark. Then it got really pretty as we got west of the rain and the sun came up. I took over driving around 9:30 in the morning and it was really beautiful driving, through the hills and trees of rural Pennsylvania. Along the way we stopped at a truck stop and I made some duct tape patches for my jeans, which were getting a little too ripped up for my liking.

Pittsburgh is such a pretty town, all mountains and rivers and bridges. On the way in, we went to the Red White and Blue Thrift Store by my friend Sharon “Mama” Spell’s house, and I found a new green hoodie and an old green reed organ thingy that sounds really cool. Then we headed to Mama’s and I got a hug.

After visiting a while we all headed down to the Quiet Storm, this cool coffeehouse with lots of good food and a healthy BYOB policy. Mike Shanley and Kate from the Mofones came, and Stephanie’s prom date showed up unannounced. Mike Shanley did a nice write up on me in the Pulp, a local weekly. The crowd wasn’t huge, mostly lots of employees hanging out and drinking. But they made a good audience so we did our best to make a good show.

We played with a local three-piece called Americonski, whom Darren describes as “slippery, and almost as if they weren’t quite there…” Then he made a sound kind of like “wowoowooowooo.” That means he liked it. I did too.

After the show we packed up our stuff and left it on stage and headed to Sharon’s for some wine and nachos. Then I fell asleep on the couch. In my jeans. Again.

Now it’s 11 in the morning. Everyone’s up and about and putting on thrift store clothes. We’re wondering if one should wash thrift store clothes before wearing them. The consensus seems to be that most thrift stores probably wash their clothes before putting them on the rack, but that washing them again before wearing them probly wouldn’t be bad idea. Even so, none of us ever do. Do you?

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