About 5 miles today

Tuesday, April 27, 2004 · 7:22pm

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Today I ran a mile at the gym and then ran over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan, north to the Manhattan Bridge, across to Brooklyn, and then south back to the gym. My left shin aches a little but it’s nowhere near the debilitating pain I was feeling a month or so ago. Ten miles tomorrow, we’ll see how that goes.

Last night I went to Pete’s Candy Store with Kyle and my new friend Patricia Maria Cherry Korth-McDonnell. We saw Yalan play, singing kind of dark songs over semi-simplistic bass patterns. Interesting. Yalan books shows at the Knit. Then Picastro played, a three-piece with a woman singing and playing simple acoustic guitar parts, backed by an electric guitar and a violin. I liked it.

Then Scout Niblett played. She’s English I think, and just the cutest thing that ever wore a blonde wig. She sang over an electric guitar for a while, then she switched up and sang while playing drums. Her songs were also really simple but so beautiful.

I need to eat something. Then I’m going to get my back squished by Dr. Frank Morgera.

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