Yarg. 6 miles today. Maybe

Thursday, April 29, 2004 · 12:10am


Sposed to do 10 miles today. I was gonna go round the bridges a couple times and then back to the gym for more, but after one and a half times I couldn’t take the pain in my feet anymore. After yesterday’s run I had a small blister on the arch of my left foot, and a constant pain in the arch of my right foot. During today’s run the blister on the left got a big brother right next to it, and the pain in my right foot got more and more unbearable. Of course now my shin splint problem is totally gone, or I’m not noticing it as much. Next I’ll break a toe or something and these other foot pains won’t hurt so much.

Also I couldn’t stop thinking about stopping at the Excellent Dumpling House for a bowl of cold sesame noodles and a plate of scallion pancakes. Man they were good. When you go alone to the ExDump they seat you at a big round table with lots of other folks. I met a nice lady from Brazil who doesn’t like any kinda cold food, not even pizza, and a nice old gentleman who does. Friendly town.

After I ate I took the fucking subway home. I hate running. Stupid. But I’m gonna finish this thing if it kills me.

Okay, I don’t hate running. But I sure like NOT running. That’s gonna be my new hobby after the marathon.

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