Saturday, May 22, 2004 · 12:32pm


Prague is beautiful and crawling with tourists. Like me.

Last night we ate at this amazing restaurant in the cellar of one of Prague’s many old buildings. We ate in this arched hallway where the stonework was really awesome. Large beers all round and room full of rowdy foreigners sitting at long tables listening to Beatles songs played by two guys with a fiddle and an accordion. It wasn’t long before we had everyone in the whole room doing the Wave. Stupid fun.

Today we’re mostly resting up for tomorrow. We registered for the marathon this morning and we’re gonna watch the FA Cup Final back at the hotel. We’re drinking tons of water and peeing constantly.

So my runner number is 4840. Matia’s is 427. You can track us using a link on this page. You may need our surnames; mine is Balthrop and Matia’s is Wagabaza. His is cooler.

I believe you can also watch a live stream of the race at The main website for the marathon is

I obviously won’t be able to test the live tracking thing, so if you find any info on those sites about tracking us that you want to share, please post a comment below.

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