I think Brenda lives in my hood

Sunday, August 1, 2004 · 5:23am


Today I was standing outside the Fall Cafe on Smith Street talking on my cell phone when Brenda Chenowith (née Rachel Griffiths) of Six Feet Under walked by wearing a long, well-worn, black linen dress, accompanied by a scruffy man in his late 30s pushing a baby in a stroller. Brenda’s eyes met mine briefly, but no, I don’t think it was a ‘moment’, as she looked away quickly and I automatically dropped my eyes to the subway grate I was standing on. Not sure if that was the standard ‘Oh-I-accidentally-met-eyes-with-a-woman’ eyedrop or if it was the much rarer ‘Oh-I-accidentally-met-eyes-with-a-celebrity’ eyedrop. Maybe it was both.

Anyway, it made me wonder if Brenda lives in my hood. That would make Carroll Gardens even more awesome. That probably sounds stupid. Whatever.

Maybe she was just hood-shopping with her hubby/boyfriend/brother and her baby/lovechild/nephew. Maybe she’ll move in next door and invite me in for a joint and some anonymous sex. Maybe I’ll have to go to the hospital and get my head shaved in preparation for invasive cranial surgery. God, anything could happen. Stay tuned.

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