The real losers in this election

Thursday, November 4, 2004 · 11:36pm


…are the brave soldiers who could not vote because they died in Iraq:

[ list of 1097 soldiers’ names removed ]

UPDATE: 2007-02-28

I’m sorry for the anguish I have caused the friends and family members of the soldiers whose names were previously listed here.

My intention was not to call these soldiers losers or to disparage their service to their country. My intention was to point out that what has happened in Iraq (and in the 2004 election) is a shame in my opinion, and I stepped over a line in trying to make that point.

I wanted my (few) readers to see what 1097 names look like, as a way to illustrate the cost of the war in Iraq, and also to preserve the names of those who lost their lives for posterity. Obviously, this blog is not a place for such a memorial, and I made the unfortunate mistake of juxtaposing that list with the word ‘loser’ which was understandably misinterpreted as a slur against those brave soldiers whose names were listed. I meant no disrespect and I’m deeply sorry for the upset I have caused.

I remain hopeful that the war in Iraq will soon come to an end so that our soldiers there can come home.

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