Party til you vomit

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Dudes. I fuckin overdid it last night. Jim Anchower would be proud. I went to a party at my friends Jonathan & Leah’s on 3rd Avenue. Took a lot of funny pictures and got so drunk that I eventually puked in a cab as I went over the Brooklyn Bridge. I tried to puke out the window but it just all came right back in and ended up mostly on my sleeve. The driver was so fucking mad, he was screaming at me, in English, but either his accent was too strong or I was too drunk, cuz I didn’t understand most of it. But I felt terrible for making such a mess so I gave him a big wad of money. Drunk people suck, especially when they’re you. Fortunately I was too far gone to take any pictures of the puke.

Before all that I spent some time in Leah’s bathroom, raiding her makeup. This morning Kyle thought someone had beat the shit out of me. Anyway, go have a look at the pics. Don’t miss the two movies at the end! Full on retarded.

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