Friday, March 10, 2006

san francisco

I’m back in SF to work on my house (with some hired help) in preparation for selling it. It’s weird to be here, to walk around my old neighborhood, to revisit all these places that have languished in the forgotten corners of my memory. I feel like a ghost. Now I’m sleeping in the mostly empty house, and the house keeps making noises, as if there are ghosts here who aren’t happy with my presence.

Also, I saw Ron today, wearing a huge black fur cap in the middle of the sunny street. It covered his whole head and ears, a big Russian bear of a thing. He jabbered at me for a while in his sweet gossipy way, and then shook his hand at me in that weird wave of his, and said “Nice to see you, nice to see you,” as he tottered back down the street to his house.

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