Free Ruler 2.0

A ruler application for Mac OS


  • Horizontal and vertical rulers.
  • Pixel units.
  • Float rulers above other applications (press F to toggle).
  • Move windows independently or as a group (press G to toggle).
  • Show or hide the shadow behind rulers (press S to toggle).
  • Align rulers at mouse location (press O for origin).
  • Reset ruler locations with Command-R.


See the releases page.

Should be compatible with Mac OS Ventura, Catalina, Mojave, and maybe a few older releases. Your feedback is welcome!


See the list of open issues . For feature requests, open a new issue.


As this is my first Swift application, any help is appreciated!

If you have experience with Mac app development in Swift, please look at the help wanted issues .

Or you can make a donation.

Made with love by some guy.