Some Movies I Made
Here are some movies I've made over the years. You will need to have QuickTime installed in order to view these movies. Click on a movie link to view it in a separate browser window. These movies are a bit large, so be prepared to wait a bit before viewing if you are on a dialup connection.
These movies were all made using a Canon Mini-DV camera and edited on a Macintosh using iMovie or Final Cut Pro. Make your own movies! It's easy! Get a Mac.

Sucky Hollow
This movie is a parody of Tim Burton's awful (IMO) movie Sleepy Hollow. This was made with a few friends of mine in Birmingham, AL. It's only slightly worse than the movie that inspired it.

Like Father Like Son
Jovin the Strangler is loose again on the streets of London. Also made with my friends Peter and Paul in Birmingham.

Twas the Night Before Christmas
This is a montage of my family reading the traditional poem, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'.

New Year's 2000
A little New Year's montage with a funky version of Auld Lang Syne i did.

A Documentary About My Friend J.T.
I went to LA to visit some friends. Here's a brief documentary on one of them, my friend Jonathan Troiano.

The Life and Times of Peter Neufeld
Then I went to New York to visit some other friends and I made this silly movie about my friend Peter Neufeld who had just moved there.

Video: Sexx Laws by Beck featuring the Marmites
A silly video I made in Montreal with my friends Suki and Diane and several jars of Marmite.

Jack Straw: The Importance of Sunscreen
This is my brother as Jack Straw, the spokesperson for the Tourism Board of the U.S. Virgin Islands, with some advice on the importance of sunscreen.

Wednesday is Banana Day!
Starring Peter Wilm and Myself as Lester the Gorilla and Chauncey the Camel.

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