Thursday, March 25, 2004 · 6:30pm


I was supposed to run 7 miles yesterday but I just couldn’t do it. I have major shin splints going on right now, and for the first time since the initial “I dunno” I’m wondering if I’m gonna be able to run a whole marathon. I walk like an old man. Oddly enough, my knees feel fine. But my left shin hurts like hell. Annoying.

Instead I roamed around Staten Island with my new friend Danish. We went to the (haha) mall and watched the kiddie train, and then we took the forever bus back to her place and played music. Then Kyle called cuz he locked himself out and I headed home. Course I had to take a bus to the ferry to the W train to 34th Street to the F train to Carroll Street. Some trek. And then I walked a block home, like an old man. Ow.

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