This one’s for me

Thursday, April 1, 2004 · 7:37am


I got into Chicago yesterday, excited to kick off the tour. A pilot who flies for United was really kind and helped me lug my crate of gear to the blue line, and we sat on the train and talked about music. Barry from MiLkBabY picked me up when I got off the train and took me to his fly pad in Humboldt (sp?) Park. I was starving, so we went around the corner to the Flying Saucer, a nice lil diner where Barry works.

Tonight I went out on the town with Laura, a coworker of Barry’s from the Saucer. She was kind enough to show me around town, taking me to all the hipster bars and coaching me on proper hipster technique. I could talk a lot about Laura, but I won’t right here, right now. Short version: SO awesome.

After we went out, I sat on the sidewalk under Laura’s window, across the street from the Clipper, and I ate tamales and watched the three-quarter moon going in and out of the clouds. I half-hoped Laura would throw open her window and call my name, and then maybe I could have recited what little Shakespeare I remember by heart, moving my arms through the air in bizarre, unnatural ways. But that didn’t happen. So once I finished my tamales I walked home in the cold, warm and sighing and smiling.

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